Expand Your Paint Business With Housepicious.

Housepicious provides an online portal to purchase wall designing, renovation, re-painting, interior designing essentials at affordable prices.

Housepicious strives to minimize the hassles of scrabbling about searching through different home essentials at different stops by providing everything under one roof.

More often people witness a common problem of lack of a centralized rostrum to buy paint and interior designing products. Whimsicality of shopkeepers and paint contractors creates annoying hassles for the buyers to procure their required products.

No expedient knowledge about the availability and price of the paint merchandise and services is provided to the buyers through relevant platforms. Housepicious provides a completely professional and distortion free painting services with various attractive annual packs.

Besides decorating homes Housepicious also provides brand dealership of leading paint companies. Not only can one avail the services for home d├ęcor but also the businessmen willing to deal in home painting commodities, who want to expand their business to a better extent can also seek Housepicious. 

Housepicious provides paint franchise of Asian paints and Berger paints at fairly reasonable prices. Businessmen aspiring to amplify their units can reach out to Housepicious and get dealerships for highest grossing brands at minimal prices. 

Why Investing In A Paint Business With Housepicious Is A Good Deal?

There are a large number of startup units lined up seeking for paint dealership of the leading brands; a lot of people are seeking to do business in paint products are seen interested to get the paint dealerships from monopolistic paint brands which have captured a major market of paint product industry.

If sporadically these leading paint companies agree to grant the dealership of their product, they tend to impose extensively high prices for the dealership rights.

Persons aspiring to start a business unit often have limited capital resources and their business start-up budget is not so extensive during the base years. Housepicious alleviates such hassles that result in startup redundancy by providing dealership rights at visibly skimmed and affordable rates of up to Rs. 8 lakhs to make startups more convenient.

How Is Housepicious Helping To Start Paint Business In Low Investment?

It has been observed that a large number of people are beginning to initiate a career in the field of painting. For first-timers, investing a lot of money does not sound ideal.

Housepicious believes in making homes auspicious but once you read this article, you will agree that it may also make your new paint business auspicious.

This is because the more popular paint companies do not readily provide dealerships to every individual that is interested in doing so. Instead, they prioritize those vendors that are situated close by.

This means that if an individual seeks dealership from them and if there is already a dealer located close to them, they deny the dealership to the starting out a business. In addition, a dealer is allowed to sell paint from only one company of their choice from Asian Paints, Nerolac or Berger Paints.

They are not allowed to sell paints from different brands. This has become a big problem for those businesses that are starting out. Suspicious looks after these problems by allowing the dealers to place products of varied brands under one roof!

All this and more with an investment of just 8 lakh rupees when the other brands would not settle for less than 20 lakhs!